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Society of Jesus

The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was founded in 1540 at a time when the Church was going through a turbulent time with the Protestant reformation, renaissance etc. Jesuits, placed at the service of the Church and the Roman Pontiff, served the Church and defended the faith very successfully and they continue to do so even today. The early Jesuits Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Diego Laynez, Peter Faber, Jerome Nadal, Alfonso de Polanco, Gonsalves da Camara, Francis Borgia etc. were high intellectuals and yet profoundly spiritual and committed to evangelization. Fired by the power of the Spiritual Exercises, the Society of Jesus continued to attract many brilliant men of calibre, compassion and commitment. Jesuits took the Gospel message to various corners of the world. Their only motive was the Greater Glory of God (AMDG) and the greater good of the people. The Society was suppressed in 1773 due to political compulsions, but restored on August 7, 1814. The Society of Jesus has over 16, 000 members at present..

Delhi Jesuit Province

The Delhi Province of the Society of Jesus, was formed on the First of January, 1988 and spread over the Indian civil states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and part of Uttar Pradesh as well as the Union Territories of Delhi & Chandigarh of India. Almost one third of the Indian population, having multiple religions, traditions, cultures, social and economic settings inhabits in this region. There are more than thirteen catholic dioceses in this region. The Delhi Jesuit Society (DJS) is the registered body of the Delhi Jesuit Province under the Society’s Registration Act, in 1988. The Delhi Province of the Society of Jesus has now 101 members and of which twenty nine are scholastics in formation, three are Brothers and sixty nine are ordained Priests.

Our Vision

Following the vision of Jesus and the magis of Ignatius, we, the Jesuits of Delhi Province, promote the emergence of a humane and egalitarian Indian society.

Our Mission

Participating in the mission of Jesus Christ, we work for the transformation of society and care of nature. We, together with others, build humane communities of freedom, fellowship, justice, equality, truth, integrity, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Our Services

Participating in the mission of Jesus Christ, we work for the transformation of society and care of nature.

Vocation Promotion

The Delhi Province of the society of Jesus invites and welcomes talented and desirous young men who feel called to be a Jesuit and to serve the Lord and His people. Are you one of them…….? If so, contact

Province Development Office

The global economic scenario is changing rapidly and calls for more organized and professional efforts at resource mobilization. Towards this end, the office of the Province Development Office (PDO), distinct from the office of Treasurer/Procurator was conceived

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