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What is the Province Development Office?

 “The global economic scenario is changing rapidly and calls for more organized and professional efforts at resource mobilization. Towards this end, the office of the Province Development Office (PDO), distinct from the office of Treasurer/Procurator was conceived. ………In the light of the contemporary needs of the Society’s mission, Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) has endorsed a document in their meeting held in March 2009 at Pune and encouraged the establishment of PDO in every Province and underlined the urgency of appointing a suitable Jesuit as PDD at the earliest to give the requisite momentum for the mobilization of resources to support and sustain the various apostolic initiatives of the Provinces.” (from a Circular of the Provincial of South Asia - POSA on May 01, 2009). The same meeting had drawn a charter of role and responsibilities of PDD/PDO and in 2010 its Goa Conference added a few more.

The role and responsibilities of the Province Development Director (PDD):

PDD is part of the administration of the Province. The work of the Province development is done by the PDD in close networking with all especially with the Provincial, Province Treasurer. The developmental director works as a link between the benefactors and the beneficiaries. They discuss their needs, the methods of fundraising, distribution of resources and the monitoring of the project.

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the Province Development Director as approved by the Jesuit Conference of the South Asia (JCSA) are to:

1) Ensure and engage in the apostolic plan of the province, and resource mobilization strategies, sharing of resources according to the plan owned by the Province.

2) Clarify and communicate to each member of the province the role and the responsibility of the PDD.

3) Ensure the exercise of annual budgeting of each work/institution/sector of the province.

4) Train volunteers and engage lay collaboration and our Jesuit formees in PDDs work.

5) Develop a comprehensive database of donors

6) Keep in contact/ communicate with donors

7) Develop appropriate promotional literature, brochure, websites, etc.

8) Be a link between beneficiaries and donors

9) Coordinate local resource mobilization efforts

10) Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the process of resource mobilization and the utilization of the resources

11) Ensure the necessary accountability and reporting

12) Help write project proposals

13) Process and monitor the projects, with the help of a small group, if need be.

14) Provide training for local Jesuits in resource mobilization

15) Get all project proposals routed through the Province Development Office (PDO)

16) Encourage our men to share donor bases and the results of their work with the PDO

17) Actively participate in the Province Apostolic Ministries Planning by being a member of the Commission for Ministries and the Commission for Finances.

Province Development Directors:

The first PDD of the Delhi Province was Fr. Sebastian Jeerakasserry and the first Assistancy level meeting of the PDDs was held in St. Xavier’s, 4, Raj Niwas Marg in 2008. Fr. P.T. Augustine was the second PDD and he was followed by Fr. Amal Dass. Fr. K.P. George is the fourth PDD of Delhi Province and was appointed on October 13, 2013.  Currently, Fr. Jose Kuriakose Manivelil is the PDD.

Province Policy:

The following Province Policy is communicated to every member by letters of the Provincial Fr. Varkey Perekkatt, SJ at different occasions that the Province Development Director (PDD) is the link and contact person between the Donors/ Benefactors/ Funding Agencies and the beneficiaries among whom a project is initiated. All the projects in our Province will be through the Office of the PDD and with the ultimate permission of the Provincial.  The PDD approaches funding agency/agencies with the necessary requests and furnishes the necessary documents. The funds/projects will have to be spent strictly according to the directions of the funding agencies or donors and thus we maintain our credibility in handling the money. The PDD will make sure that the financial assistance is utilized as per the directions and proper accounts and reports are maintained. These reports and accounts along with relevant photographs are gratefully sent to the benefactors/ funding agencies.

Some of the PDD activities:

Flagship program: Fr. Jorge Serrano, SJ the Assistant Treasurer for Development of Resources (ATDR) in Rome guided the PDD through the Flagship program to move further in the direction of well rooting of the PDO in our Province. As a result an approach was accepted with a) clearly formulated Vision and Mission for the Province and b) Prioritized Apostolic needs.

Setting up an Office of the PDD: For the first time a Province Development Office with minimum set of furniture and equipment was established in Sahayog, 4, Raj Niwas Marg, Delhi. Office stationeries procured. Its own Email address obtained. Website work is in progress.

Periodic bulletin: Province Mission bulletin the Delhi Mission Calling is being published every six monthly and distributed to all benefactors, friends and well-wishers.


Negotiations with some funding agencies: As a result of the patient conversations and negotiations some benefactors and funding agencies from Zurich, Nürnberg, Madrid and CAF India have helped us for a limited period. These projects were executed in earnest cooperation, coordination, transparency and accountability. Further assistance will have to be looked for other concerns and centres also soon.

Presenting the Province Concerns and strategies for fund raising: In various meetings such as the Province days, Meeting of the Superiors - Directors of Work and through circulars the PDD presented the needs of the Province and various strategies to mobilize funds were arrived at. The vital support of the Provincial is much experienced in all these. Some of the suggestions are:

  1. At the PDD/Province level
  2. PDD will work out schemes to raise funds from inside the country (locally) and from abroad. If well discussed, discerned and written requests of projects are brought to the PDD, then he will apply to appropriate funding agencies and benefactors to realize the financial assistance.
  3. The PDD gathers data of possible benefactors of the Province.
  4. PDD forms a circle of Friends of Delhi Province from among the relations, friends, well-wishers and benefactors of our Province.
  5. PDD writes letters to individual and institutional benefactors on different occasions and keep contacts with them.
  6. PDD may address different agencies such as Alumni Associations etc. on specific projects
  1. At individual, Community and institutional level
  2. Every member of the Province is to give to the PDD, 10 or more names and addresses of their relations, friends, well-wishers etc. who work within India or abroad and who are willing to be associated with the Delhi Province.
  3. Every member makes efforts to promote awareness among all our contacts – students, parents, staff, alumni, parishioners, beneficiaries of our social centres, relations, friends and acquaintances – about the need of collaboration and partnership with us in translating our vision and mission into reality.
  4. Institutions and schools may adopt a social centre or a locality of poor people and meet the financial needs to empower them in possible ways.
  5. The Jesuit parishes and parishioners may be invited to sponsor a scholastic for his formation and thus the parishioners may become partners in forming our scholastics.
  6. Our parishes may contribute at least one Sunday’s collection for the formation of our scholastics.

There may be other creative ways also of being partners in the Mission work of the Province.

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